Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Warlock (1989)

Ive spent the majority of my life living in Salem MA so any movies that have a true witch, a worker bee for satan witch not the hippies with a sence of fashion that's call them selves witchs that sell rocks, incents and end everything in blessed be a bunch for people got murdered and 200 years later your making blood money off it witch
so this movie is about a ghost with a dirty mullet and diabetic 80's bimbo trying to stop a uptight warlock from undoing creation but in-order for him to end the world he must find Satan's note book witch has been hidden in random furniture across the united state by the church (way to go church)
this movie is laid out like a road trip comedy you get a wacky character on every spot the gay guy, the Amish guy, the priest who is having a baby???, and the kid who's dad hates god all of which are awkwardly skimmed past to get the story over faster

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