Friday, October 22, 2010

So, apparently movies are retarded now

 So, apparently movies are retarded now and so are people who think they have purchased haunted boxes on ebay.  Welcome to the age of people who can't come up with an original movie idea.

Dibbuk Box
Release Date:    No Release Date Available
Director:           Ole Bornedal
Writer:              Juliet Snowden & Stiles White
Starring:            N/A
Studio:              Lionsgate

Story based on a haunted box purchased on Ebay that brings bad fortune to its possessors. Eventually being passed from one person to the next and causing all sorts of torment.

The film is in the vein of The Exorcist or The Shining, based on real events that transpired after a family wound up in possession of a haunted box, setting off a harrowing struggle to rid themselves of the box's evil curse.

This shows exactly how I feel the writing process goes these days.

~ Zombies Ate My Breakfast

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