Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Timeless Being

Does God exist? Can mankind devise an equitable and viable future society? What about gender on gender conflict?

We live in trying times. Yet one truth has remained unchallenged since time immemorial.

The Being.

A hot-air balloon filled with macaroni and endowed with a sixty-foot long mechanical impregnator-canon, The Being mutilates and decapitates. The Being drops translucent semen blobs the size of rhinoceroses on metropolitan areas, causing his victims to raise his instantly-maturing spawn even as they are awash in rivulets of globular cock-mayo.

Some sort of duck shows up.

The movie quickly devolves into a forty-five minute disco music video in which The Being shoots lasers out his rectum. But what the fuck else is new?

Thank for fucking my life, Jackie Kong.

Ben Ford, a translucent semen blob, also hosts his own blog,

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