Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Laid to rest

Fuck, I've been pissing on my eyeballs lately via watching horror movies made in the current years. I thought hey, Laid to rest may be a winner, it does have a dude in a mask and is this enough to carry a film? Nope.
Laid to rest is just a sad attempt to revive the Slasher genre but it gets a giant fail, this movie is an exercise in wanting to throw a boot at your tv. so the crux of the plot is a killer in a shiny mask OOOOOOH??? ok so the killer looks like a goth nerd who wants to blow Anton Lavey, who is into hi-tech gadgets. I don't really care that the fact he has no backstory, but I feel the shit peddlers involved may try to pull a fast one and make a prequel to Laid to rest. What you get in 90 minutes is seeing a piss poor cast and the feeling that the people of the town are in on the killings, but for some reason are fighting Chromeface? the movie drops ideas of this fact for most of the movie and where does it take you? pissed off and angry that the main girl with a head injury who can't remember who she is and when you find out about her past, too late I wanted her dead.

watch see if you come to the same conclusion as us. We here agree its ballbag, and if you need more proof imdb Robert Hall, if this dude is not the fruit of the year, I will just watch Lancelot Link secret chimp and nothing else.


Unholy Moly said...

when you have a makeup artist as your witter and director your going to get all style no substance to bad his style is 90's mall goth

Josh said...

Chromeface gets the gas face!

Dolewhite said...

I thought Laid to Rest was a complete waste of time that could have been better spent eating spaghetti or washing my hair. There's some pretty wicked kills, but they get repetitive after a while and "The Girl" inspired me to want to try and swallow my tongue.

I wrote a review for this film myself sometime back and a handful of people came out saying what a dick ass the director, Robert Hall, is on the IMDB message boards and shit like that. He personally attacks anyone that has something negative to say about the film from what I have seen and heard. He never made his way to my review, that I know of, but some of the stuff I have seen on IMDB is crazy...dude is a fucking interent troll on IMDB of all places! Gold.


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