Saturday, April 3, 2010

Who judges art?

I will start this off by telling you that This film is not rated is a documentary that everyone should watch and get enraged by the simple fact MPAA is a system put in place to "help" people mainly parents to find out what they should watch with their children. I guess this would be a good thing for parents who can't decide to show their child Midnight cowboy or Bambi... First off if you can't assess this for yourself, maybe your the sort to Listen to Glenn Beck and I would most likely give you an feces covered aids dildo and tell you it's a lollipop. What the fuck are trailers for films are for??? Now if you can't put together a idea if it is a good film to watch off a sixty second trailer,images that will connect with an audience in a condensed version of a film. Now being a person who worked in market research, I can attest to the fact that most people cannot watch a movie trailer and pick out four things, it does not matter if they like those four things or not, sad fucking truth is that now more than ever Hollywood will not or cannot take a gamble on making a product aka film that will challenge an audience, why the fuck do you think that cookie cutter movie like superhero movie are still being made and before long there will be yet another generic film made to "poke" fun at films, now its not that I am a film nerd and saying this is not funny, its because the fact that the lemmings that fill the seats of those products don't mind seeing scenes that reference other films, so people can just sit in a theater and feel good about spending money on that is a giant current reference to what is popular.

Turning a fast bend, My point is film is art. Why can't understand the fact they are getting a glimpse of what the film is trying to say but it is up to the viewer to absorb the acting,camera angles and sounds to allow their own brain to decide how if someone would sit though a film. I forget that their a big mass of people in the world that in whisper in the ear to have an opinion, yes it is the god squad, MPAA also during the appeals process two priests to oversee what a film is all about and to help decide what can or can't be seen by the viewing public....Fuck that, I am vilid that anyone can just say " I don't think anyone should see nudity on screen" How the fuck can that be allowed? Now my mind is spinning just perplexed most people don't mind being spoon fed remake after remake! Fuck they even remade Clash of the Titans, now I listen to rap and I have of problem that I enjoy only what to can be labeled as adult contemporary hip hop aka 80's rap because there was once a time that mc's were proud to sound different than like everyone else but now there is just even day that even Ghostface has Lloyd on his Ghostdini album. I think viewers really need to turn their back on movies and seek out films that challenge their minds or at least not be the same film that you already saw last year, I saw that Sherlock Holmes movie because I wanted to see a film in a theater with my gf and a friend, and yes it was a mashing of themes and ideas that I have already seen in other movies. We been subjected to shit posing as entertainment for too long, has anyone seen League of gentleman? amazing fucking show and has gear shifts in the plot you would not believe how this series can morph into a completely new show before your eyes. Not sure if I barked about this show from the BBC but get into it.

Like most mornings I stand before the toilet enjoying the giggle I get from looking at poop and sometimes sending camera photos of the daily shit of mine, in truth just dootie. I sometimes feel I have a valid opinion on film but then again I just think the world is too stupid understand film can be like a traveling roadshow of art at its high points, but it has devolved into a three column of film plots, in which only films that will make money has the access to the largest viewing public, nothing to racy for the people, just safe entertainment for the masses. I hope I made my point.

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