Monday, October 26, 2009


The first Fulci movie I saw was the Gates of hell, and I will say this film takes the idea of a nightmare and in a perfect way translates it to film, and I know one of the most common barbs sent Fulci's way is the wooden acting and flimsy plot lines but from what I dreamt and tried to describe to others I can't even begin make sence of the dream I've been a part of. Fulci made Gates of hell and just seemed to nail it on the head, Starting out the film with a Priest hanging himself and this sets off the events that unleashed an evil upon Dunwich aka Salem aka spooky shit has happen here town. What makes this film so good is a not a constant violence but when it does happen its kinda choice! The Woman in the car who looks at the priest is one of the most amazing ways I have to kill a broad, starts with the lady having her eyes blood and then to puke out black entrails and the topper is the sound that is being made from her mouth, a delightful gurgle while puking her inards out. I won't go into how everyone gets greased in the film but rather focus on the films dreary and bleak lighting, it lends to "how fucked are you?" vibe. Remember that this a nightmare so I don't want to explain the ending.

House of clocks is a later Fulci film which you can tell this is a wop by numbers style and it does pay off if you are a true fan of Fulci's. Being on the cusp of the 90's, you can see that budgets are not what they used to be for a genre film. What lacks in money is a story that is seems pretty clearcut but again anything that throws common sence away always get my vote. The rundown is what seems to be a nice old couple who live in a big old house are the victims of pot smoking sweaty people and their constant plans of crime, so sweaty gang are looking for victims and they stumble on the house and the party begins.

The house is full of clocks and they have the ability to go and in forth in time and the nice old couple are really just freaky deeky white people and the job they fill their time with is keeping a pair of money grubbers dead with the help of the fug maid and the creepy groundskeeper, and since its a horror of course shit goes wrong, and the money grubbers are discovered by the sweaty gang and are really fucked from multiple sources and there are many giggle moments to be had in this film.

House of clocks may not be the most solid of Fulci's work but if the concept of time and space being altered while people are dying, this might be your cup of tea.

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"victims of pot smoking sweaty people" lol nice.


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