Thursday, October 29, 2009

To avoid fainting repeating I seen this in another movie

So last night I went to the Cinema last night and I watched Paranomal Activity, I will be taking you from the end to the start all the while listening to Happy birthday to me, the movie I was told I suss in on it.

Sitting in a crowdless movie theater containing less than ten people waiting for credits that I observed outloud by saying "we paid for this" sitting watching a black screen in the hopes of credits that never came and that is a less than spooky ploy than the boast of BASED ON SHOCKING TRUE EVENTS, now I guess the marketing monkeys want the gasoline priced soda guzzling rubes like me to think this was found footage by telling you Micah's body was found and Katie was never located after footage was located.

I know this have changed in the Horror genre with the tide of influence going to J-horror, but come on I know there must be a few people who thought the ending was like Quarentine or REC. I Just happened to think the demon face katie had was a little shit biscuit, but I know cgi weird faces and quick editing tend to fill seats.

Overall I would see this film again because the bedroom shots I felt I was focused on focusing and yes it did make engrossed in the film and it felt like I was watching it for a very long time but not in a bad way. There were lots of tension built though the sleep and reviewing which was effected by Micah's select knowledge of the supenatural, I felt his part was hampered by his "wow this is cool" by seeing his girlfriend being haunted with proof to his quasi-pro rambles of "these things get worse after you confront the ghost" only to contridict his own points by his dumb ass actions.

I would also like to see this hit shelves under the title Paranormal activity:couples fight edition. I was just getting reminded of my own shitty ex's with the couple just seeming to out-cunt each other, the expert who came to the house and warning about the negitive vibes going on and said "call the Demonologist" with Micah playing it just like the boyfriend in Drag me to Hell,as the sceptic who wanted to try his ideas first. If my girlfriend said lets leave a place, I don't want to stick around to see shit go bonkers and I forgot to mention Katie's boobs were awesome and if you look close, you can see she wears a sports bra to bed and I know this does not effect the movie, but the were just good to look at for a while.

I also will state I went in this movie wanting to be scared, nope I was entertained though and I can't seem to let go the idea ghosts don't exist. I sorry if you don't agree that Science is a juggernaut that crushed the Anemic sissy called faith. Paranormal Activity was filled with points that pointed to mental problems and bad couples can just heap shit on themselves. I was victim of my own faith wanting ghost story that was original, but I am looking forward to a prequal to watch and not have my expectations meet reality once again.

In closing, I heard alot of racket from Happy birthday to me, as for now I may just copy pat and just watch the ending.

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Unholy Moly said...

the father, the son and the holy ghost do not exist.

p.s. how the fuck did we have the technology to get back from the moon in 1969 seriously there's no fucking way in 1969 they let children smoke and the Brady bunch was funny also if we could do that then how do we not have condos up there and a Disney moon base


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