Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The company of wolves

I have watched many films in my life and I can figure up the demographic for mostly all these films, there are films like Flowers in the attic or Pin a plastic nightmare and now The company of wolves that smash in my eyeballs and piss on my teeth and force me to ask the question "who the fuck watches this" I just have to wrap my brain around something that I have a sneaking suspicion that the three above listed films are meant to titillate old women in the bible belt. I want to explain what I saw last night and I may need to point at a doll to show where this film touched me.
First of all, this film has much ill will towards Unibrows and I just cannot wrap my head around any fable, I guess it might of helped people back in the day. I always have a problem with faith or subtext that might just god, fuck that shit. Angela Lansbury is an old grandmother who is telling fables to a young girl about wolves and straying off the path. I guess this must be the reason why I pluck out my unibrow, so women won't figure out that I'm a wolf or some shit like that.

Barbaric morons need stories to "keep the on the right path" This whole film is about how men are really just predators that just want to fuck woman, I guess a wet pussy is just an another way to show women they have been duped by a man. Company of wolves is just a telling of Red Riding Hood and aside from great special effects and being very non-linear, I just say fucking lift the veil and tell people the truth about life and we will be much better off in life. No reason to sugarcoat all the nasty shit in life.
At one point there is a story told about a women who cracks a mirror in front of poncey bastards and guess what? all the posho cunts turn into wolves, yes I figured out that a rich guy knocked up a poor broad and she felt slighted and put a curse on the rich people and turned them into animals like they truly were.

there was a jacked toothed ginger kid who was all about trying to get a "kiss" from the gal he liked and she was warned by grandma about boys and their evil way, so fucky tooth thought it was a good idea to stray off the path and he meets a dude in a fancy car, who gives out free lube to young boys??? and this was going to turn snaggletooth into a hairy gent that ladies were into, and then he finds out that there is a twist of fate that was like a third rate tales from the darkside.
Then it turns to a full blown Red riding hood and I would tell you about the rest, if you want to do drugs and watch a film that feels like a trashcan Jim Henson and if you like morals shoved up your ass, then open wide and get a fist full of I told you so.


Richard of DM said...

So you really liked this one, huh?

Unholy Moly said...

I just watched the trailer for this the transformation scene has a tar zombie quality to it to bad you compared this to flowers in the attic that means i could probably pass out well before anything happens

Josh said...

I saw some problems in it

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!


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