Monday, February 22, 2010

Retarded Review(ers) #4 Cujo (1983)

 Dear Netflix, although the movie you described sounds awesome it is all wrong how hard is it to copy the back of the movie jacket 

p.s. there needs to be a movie about a satanic killer dog how a dog can worship Satan I have no clue  



TimTE01 said...

If you want a Satanic killer dog, I'd go with 'Devil Dog: The Hound From Hell.' Besides, if dogs can be vampires- see 'Zoltan' and 'Blade: Trinity'- they can be anything.

In a world where zombies can use guns- 'Nightmare City'- vampires can be aliens- 'Dracula 3000'- and werewolves can serve in the military- 'War Wolves'- should we judge our monsters thusly? I think not.

Unholy Moly said...

i will look into this devil dog thank you and as far as alien vampires you would need a space satan you curse some martians i think i just came up with the plot of doom


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