Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have great news for the people who have real lives unlike myself! The film Necropolis is an 80's film like no other, unless you have two dance routines in your film. Necropolis is another trip into old sleazy New York and for those who live films with nudity and one time actors, this is one you should locate for ownership.

The film starts in New amsterdam in the something hundreds and there is a blond broad who happens to make her living as a witch and she is just having a good old virgin sacrifice in order to gain eternal life and who doesn't want that? Blond broad has the ability to speak with her mind and she uses this power to make people do her bidding...Really great, far out, woodstock! A woman is about to get married and she hears the blond broad calling and of course, she is a virgin and ready to run to anyone who can promise an orgy of all night sex of violence, not really I'm lying now. Well the virgin gets her throat cut by the witch and the good townspeople are pissed that old witchy poo stole the virgin and they kill her and before she dies she promises revenge.

Forward to current day NY and Witchy poo is now a biker/punker with short hair now, I really enjoy the fact she keeps it current. The man who killed witchy poo is now a priest who is really effeminate and has a lot of useless close-ups. The virgin is now a reporter who is still a virgin?? How could someone be a virgin in 80's NY? I could only imagine the birds I'd get if I had a leather jacket.

The plot is witchy poo needs a tacky looking ring to regain powers and she wants to show you she can dance not once but twice! Dancing and horror is now the best thing in the world to me. Witchy poo also has followers that feed off her six breasts! in a little mamma cow sort of way and they may look spooky but they die if a cross is near them. Bodies are piling up and who shows up an Italian cop, who has deja vu when meeting the virgin, now the cop don't believe past live can affect the current, but is he in for a low budget shock.
This film is full of great one liners and wacky characters like the corener, the hoes and the pimp and just a bunch of people with big hair. If old school troma is to your liking is film will have a place on your shelf and if not I would say you must be very boring. I would say more about this lush portrait of city life in the 80's with it's punky swagger and dance routines??? this could also double as a documentary on brick buildings, in my opinion.

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