Sunday, January 3, 2010

Candyman and Robert Gould Shaw

I understand that at first glance comparing Candyman to Glory (yes the Oscar winning film). I will have to push you though my mind in order for this to have any sound logic, Glory, a film trumped to tell the tale of the first all black regiment and this was able to be done by having Matthew Broderick. Every since I saw this film, I never quite grasped the theory that if you were telling a groundbreaking story of humans advancing towards a equal world, why would it be giving to the authority figure who is white? I hear stories of Jackie Robinson and not the guy who gave signals at second base. In short Candyman is a film about an inner city urban legend Candyman, who is to blame for making a film set in a Chicago project? Virgina Madsen plays a graduate student working on her thesis and just treat the people in the Neighbor which the Project is in, like she lifted up a rock and poked at she found.

The first ten minutes are spend establishing how she is very gung ho about going to the project that her black friend was just terrified of and her friend had screen time unless glued to Virgina Madsen hip. As you get past a project of hollowed out, spray paint cover and young thugs in windbreaker jackets. You meet a Woman with two children and no dad. At this point, I could not decide if its more racist than Downtown(Anthony Edwards white cop gets hip film). This is heavy handed trash by Clive Barker about the moral of this film is dating outside your race will get you killed. None of the characters in this film are likable and I found so many problems in having a film about a White broad stirs up trouble and just gets people dead.

Wrap up, its poor stereotypes set against Villian??? Candyman was put to death for seducing a white woman, now how does this guy get turned into a Black Freddy Krueger? Freddy was a child Molester and Candyman was victim of Caveman ignorance hardly making him a killer than a tragic figure.

This is no redemption for a shitball of a film and I have a rule, if it would be in Fangoria chances are I would not like it. Watching this I just ended up frustrated and a little rantish.


Unholy Moly said...

i agree with you 100% but Tony Todd fucking rules

Richard of DM said...

Okay, I never thought of Candyman that way before. A very interesting point. The whole questionable race morality thing in the film just never crossed my mind. I just always assumed that the film was saying that the (white) world is evil and that tolerance could have stopped all the horror from happening in the first place. I guess that makes me an optimist.

That being said, I can't believe you didn't like this film! It's sleazy, trashy and gory. This is right around the time period when horror movies got really, really bad. I've always considered Candyman one of the shining lights of the 90s.


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