Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fred Williamson and the sound of his own voice

As always I can anger myself just by the simple act of heading to blockbuster to rent a good film. I was heading out of town, so I could watch more than 8 films this weekend and I had my Bava film and other gems. I go into blockbuster knowing that I was ready to give a spinning backfist to the clerk who happened to know dick about movies, I have in my head that its a pretty easy to find and to watch John Carpenters The Fog. I go up to a different clerk than I dealt with during the "Running Man hoopla" I figure that The Fog would be carried by the fucking store. I have to say the sections are messed up and out of order, it just gives off a "I don't give a fuck what I watch" point of view and its disgraceful that's how the business is run. I again was let down that they only carry the 2005 version of the fog.

I have come to a sad realization that most people don't give a fuck what they watch and its getting more rare to find a film that does not looks like a video game or remake of something you have already seen. I have put way to much time into thinking about how pissed I get about the state of films in general, power is out of the viewers hands and whats left in its place is a glitzy clusterfuck and for some reason people are willing to shrug it off and say "its only a movie" I don't know how some people were raised,I happen to give a fuck how I spend my free time. I could rant about this forever but I will find the others who have given up on Hollywood and until there will be changes, I rant about this until someone listens.

In the DVD extras of 1990 Bronx warriors Fred Williamson gives an interview telling the audience that his interview contains very innovative and exciting excerpts about the film. I can't count how many things about this film to worth owning. If I had to sum Bronx warriors up it would have to be the following, The Wiz meets The Warriors. The story is about a gang of bikers who look like "lick it up era" KISS and they have light up skulls on their motorcycles, aside from looking like a hair metal band, the Riders have elected a man named Trash as their leader. Trash looks like a ballerina and carries himself like a cartoon poodle.

The others amazing gangs you run into are snappy dresser gang, a razzle dazzle tap dance gang, a roller skating version of the baseball furies and other assorted gangs that live in the run down crime zone that is the Bronx and what happens when there is a chat between all the gangs, of course its a drum solo and yes one dude in a empty lot playing drums til all gangs show up for the monthly gang mixer.

Back to Fred Willamson and why the man who could listen to the sound of his own voice, I still would listen for hours about how he feels that he is amazing and how great his films are. Fred plays a snappy dresser gang leader named Ogre and he had to break it to Trash that one of his gang was working with the police and Ogre tells Trash he found a GIZMO on the guy he killed. The acting in this film is awesome on a shit your pants level and this type of film just should not be forgotten and should be held up as art.

Despite Fred being the Hammer, it happens to be Vic Morrow playing a badass hitman dressed like a gay leather hitler, and he is from the bronx and he hides the fact by being a cop. The hitman is trying to locate a preppy girl who ran away from her life of boring life of being an oppressor, and she brings her trouble white ass into the bronx, right into the arms of Trash and they form a quick and very apparent bond and yes the bitch goes and gets kidnapped out while she is "thinking" dumb broad goes out in a nomadic wasteland for a mind clearing stroll? serves her right and her alligator shirt.

The rest of the film is Trash meeting different gay ass street gangs in order to blow your eyeballs just every second you will gladly glue you ass to a seat for a while to see George Eastman getting his ass kicked, I like to think he got beat up for the way he was dressed. All through the film awesome fights happen with dainty grace and with shades of west side story.

watch this film and ponder how the bronx became a wasteland that the police feared when the police had the only guns left? Do you really want to watch a remake or find a filmmaker to tell a different story that you've seen before? I tell you, I don't have the mind power to make a film but I certainly have the anger to tell people I know what I don't fucking want to watch, I attempt to enjoy new horror and took a chance on Grace...the killer baby shitfest. I will get to that pile of aids with two scoops of cancer later.

I want to use my time try to make a dent in the hollywood shitcart. have you read the sycophant reviews in modern genre magazines? I read and sometimes pass by articles on new films and with claims of their being a new chapter in horror, fuck those mags and I get they want money for doing what they love, I just happen to think its shitty to lead people to a glossy fate and buying cheesy horror items to bilk people of their money ala Rue Morgue.

Rant of many points? Satan's Orphans are just fed up and we are not gonna take it anymore.

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