Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Neon Maniacs

Since I am know for my skills in oneupmensship and its really one of my better qualities. I have to tell people instead of watching Nightbreed, people should seek out a lovely lesser known film Neon Maniacs. The films starts out just as one would guess, with an older dude all alone and with the "what sound was that look on the face" boom he gets greased when he finds tarot cards with creatures who predate Nightbreed by four years, and still manage to outgay Clive Barker and thats hard to do! Now the Maniacs are a rogues gallery of monsters who looks like someone got a great deal on bulk costumes, theres a biker, a doctor, a doglike thing, something that looks like a booger with sharp teeth, samuri and a bunch of stotic non verbal killers. The focus of the story has shades of peyton place and romeo and juliet...not really, its about the lovely blond girl who has her in the woods party attacked by the neon maniacs and she is the only one to live to tell the tale. She has little help by the people who think she made it all up, this allows a reason to bring in the nerdish hero guy who happens to be in a Rick Springfield influenced band and he happens to believe she is not lying. The film progresses quite nicely with a classmate who makes horror movies and is a pest, wackiness ensues as it goes into the final act and I will not tell you where it happens and if you've ever seen one horror film it will come to no suprise and its open ended 80's finish makes you wish you grew up watching this expand into a franchise, sadly it was just Jason takes Manhattan and it may be for the best because most genre just became self parody and I would throw this baby in a lake before I let any harm or remake would arise.

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Unholy Moly said...

wow what swap meet did you score this gem from the name alone is calling out to me like a bathroom stall to a 17 year old girl with a eating disorder


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