Thursday, December 17, 2009

Phantoms Phantoms Phantoms

Phantom of the Opera, The (1925) 
  •  The Phantom = Some sort of awesome man baboon who is really good with a noose
  • Christine Daaé = She looks like she is doing the vogue
  • The Film = Its funny how a silent film can put all its remakes to shame 

Fantasma dell'opera, Il (1998)
  • The Phantom = A sketchy hessian dude raised by rats who enjoys a good power walk around the cave
  • Christine Daaé = A clingy slut who throws a tantrum the second the phantom needs some phantom time
  • The Film =  the phantom with gore sex and giant human traps in the sky like most argento movies it leaves you wondering what the fuck did i just watch

Phantom of the Opera, The (2004)
  • The Phantom = A greasy gym rat who lost his right eyebrow
  • Christine Daaé = Completely insane, she believes her dead father is teaching her to sing through her mirror
  • The Film = A terrible musical that makes the story drawn out and confusing 

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