Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Casual dress for a shallow grave's Top ten for Two Thousand and Nine

10. Find out today that Susan Sarandon is single again, She proves that milf does a body good.

9. Going to see paranormal activity, it had none of the screaming like a bitch men in the advert. Knowing that it was a good movie, but felt the ending was trite just to please the masses with buttered fingers and screaming children whom all later enjoyed a fun outting to the mall.

8. combining all the different ways to watch films (Hulu, netflix, video room, crackle and theaters) into one nonstop movie that my life is.

7. Troll 2, so much to say about this film. I would need a separate earth to house all the love in my heart for Troll 2.

6. WWE greatest managers documentry, Classy Freddy Blassie is a man I have idolized even since I found out what the man stood for. I had my life changed for the better after reading his book and I took the mantle of warning the world about the peril of pencil neck geeks and what harm they cause the world.

5. Chicago and Earth, wind and fire at the Greek theater.

4. Getting my fat ass to the gym, sheet cake is ranked 11 to 43 in my best of list.

3. Going though the entire seires of the Shield.

2. Making a joke of Brittany Murphy's death as soon as I found out about it, by saying she was the female Heath Ledger and Perez Hilton just put up the same headline after me...Sorry Bitch. FIRST!

1. Introducing my girlfriend to the best show to ever exist, Father Ted. Father Ted is the funniest show ever to not get heard of by the masses, if course it was from the bbc, it had to be from England because it does not reflect the 2.5 kill yourself picket fence suburb hell that most sitcoms have, Sorry Tim Allen drugs did not make you funny or edgy, just made you a lame ass decked out in plaid, wheres your career? Is it sitting on the pocket of a santa suit in a broom closet of a Disney soundstage?

This does not sum up my entire year, but just a few moments in time. Fuck anyone who still holds a candle for god, ghosts or anyone ooga booga shit, that cannot be verified with science. I have been told all my life to respect beliefs of others. I have become more focused in my anger towards "beliefs" seeing that just fifty years ago people wanted me dead just because I fell in the jewish way of life, I make an effort to turn my back towards anything pretaining to "faith" Faith itself disgusts me, its the perfect way to have a bottomfeeder have the ability to end an arguement by saying " I see you have presented your facts, but I will still go to church every sunday so I can pay rent to my invisible landlord".

Make the most of your new year and crush the windpipe of anyone who would harm animals(besides bacon)

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