Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thoughts and proverbs, but mainly shit references

I will start out by saying that Rob Zombie's use of cartoon boobs may fall flat to most people, but on the other hand, he did make it possible for someone to hear metal while getting a lapdance in the 90's.

Avitar??? what the fuck is this fruitcake movie about, not that one jar-jar binks was bad enough...lets fill a room with salamander men, great idea fucknuts. I understand that the world is starved for original ideas that will shell out bucks to see what college kids are able to do with their laptops nowadays.

Life is tough for any fan of genre films, enough good mags like videoscope are including major blockbuster crap in their reviews. I have to say its not that I only watch genre but when I go to Star market, I don't want them selling me a wristwatch. Horror fans are either people who cling to the past and won't let the ship go down until its clear that it was better in the past, thats the way I see things or there are the new breed of horror fans who like fast running zombies and gobshite remakes that have young people and current trends, as to lure in the teen fanbase. I really should also point out foreign horror is trying its best to flog a dead horse with a feather duster... get it its different. J-horror K horror or any horror with a letter in front of it, whatever. I did watch Inside which is a french film or as I like to call it Freedom-horror, anyways its a real nutter of a movie and a quality gigglefest for someone like me. overall good film and it got you into the fucked up situation and showed just how far it could be taken, I did have a problem when it did use the jumpy edit J-horror garbage... proving in the tiolet of cinema there will always be floaties in the water of creativity.

What was meaning of this rant, not sure but it does define the boundaries of my own interests when I subject myself to stare in the sunken eyes of corpse of horror.

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did you just watch Halloween 2 or something?


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